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Summit Resources

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Ready to Share Your Resources with 200 Utah teachers?

As a valued supporter of the Utah Jump$tart Coalition, you are invited to participate (free of charge) in our $tart $mart Summit.

Participate in our Resource Fair!

Participate in 3 breakout sessions where you can share your resources with small groups of teachers and mingle with all participants during registration. Includes 6’ long banquet table, power cords, internet access and chairs.

Includes logo listing and website info in our Summit program and online event page.

Partners meeting!

Join 5 teachers for a plated lunch at our annual Partners Meeting during the Summit. Enjoy a chance to get to know the teachers making financial literacy a priority in Utah schools and talk to them one on one about your organization.

Teachers who attend the Summit receive a full day of professional development, a library of financial literacy resources for their schools and professional development credit from the Utah Board of Education. Attendees are K-12 teachers with the majority teaching the General Financial Literacy Course.

Our attendees teach at public, private, alternative and special education schools throughout the state of Utah.  Approximately 80% of attendees will have some experience teaching financial literacy while 20% of attendees will be teaching personal finance for the first time during the 2019-2020 school year. These teachers will be teaching personal finance to over 18,000 students in 2019.

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