Utah Only A+ State for Teaching Personal Finance

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (12/12/2017)                                                                      

Anna Tibbitts

Utah Jump$tart Coalition


Utah’s Leading the Nation for Financial Literacy

Utah Only State to Receive an A+ Grade in Teaching Personal Finance

Salt Lake City, Utah. Once again, Utah is the only state to receive an A+ grade for financial literacy in the “Is Your State Making the Grade?  The 2017 Report Card on State Efforts to Improve Financial Literacy in High Schools.”

The report card, prepared by Champlain College’s Center for Financial Literacy, grades each of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia on how well their high schools teach personal finance. The 2017 report card is the third done by the center, with previous reports cards in 2015 and 2013. 

Utah is the only state to receive an A+, while Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee and Virginia earned A’s.

John Pelletier, director of the Champlain College center, says Utah requires all students to take a half-year course and pass a state-administered exam. “General financial literacy is a funded mandate in Utah,” Pelletier says. “For all their efforts, educators in Utah should be commended and looked to as a model for personal finance education.”

George Durfee, a General Financial Literacy teacher at Pleasant Grove High School has seen how Utah’s General Financial Literacy Class has impacted his students. “The topics covered in the course have made it possible for students to actually sit and talk to parents about more than just can I have $20 for the movies,” said Mr. Durfee. “It helps students be more proactive and informed about their financial future.”

Susan Speirs, CEO of the Utah Association of CPA’s and Co-President of the Utah Jump$tart Coalition agrees. “The General Financial Literacy Class sets Utah apart as a state that is taking financial literacy education seriously,” Speirs said. “Personal finance is not just a concept, it is a life skill. Every day, how we handle our money influences our jobs, our relationships and our prosperity. That is why the Utah Jump$tart Coalition has made supporting the General Financial Literacy class a priority.”

Utah Jump$tart is a nonprofit organization comprised of business, government and education partners that have joined together to improve the financial literacy of Utah’s youth. The Utah Jump$tart Coalition promotes financial literacy in Utah schools, communities and homes. More information is available at


Anna Tibbitts